How to find a good deal in the valley?

There are dozens of startup ecosystems in the world where projects have the best conditions for their growth and development, but it is Silicon Valley where the process of turning startups into billion-dollar companies shows the best results. We conducted a study which proves it.

And our detailed analysis can be found in the following link

Here are the key reasons why to invest into Silicon Valley startups:

·   this is a very profitable investment, which will bring tangible profits within 6-7 years

·   participating in our syndicate club, you will have an opportunity to join the deals as well as experience of investors and business angels from the Valley. Usually it is almost impossible to enter the Silicon Valley deals on your own.

·   an expert evaluation of a startup costs substantial money. Being a member of our club you can join a deal with an experienced lead investor with a minimum check of $ 10,000. In addition, there is no need to search for a startup, analyze it and draw up legal documents

Our fund invites you to invest into startups from Silicon Valley. 

To join the fund you need to:

·   apply for membership in a syndicate club

·   participate in the projects discussion of projects during webinars for free

Join our webinar and make your own decision on entering syndicate deals and the amount of your check